Term of services

  1. Advertiser agrees that he/she has been explained about the product for which the advertiser is entering into this contract with talisman (grandeur business search engine).

       Advertiser confirms that the terms of services mentioned under the contract has also been thoroughly explained in vernacular language by the marketing executive which has been agreed and
       accepted the advertiser.

  1. Contract’s duration is one year, unless determined by the parties under this agreement/contract.
  1. There is nothing such as warranty we provide.
  1. We have no EMI schemes, we only except online gateway transfer account transfer, google pay, pay tm , phone pay and cheque ,cash is only taken on official approval on mail conformation.
  1. If advertiser wish to terminate the advertiser has to provide prior written or mail for cancellation for the AD’S. NOTICE OF 3 MONTHS TO TALISMAN.
  1. We only offer ad’s for 3 month’s ,6months ,12 months there is nothing such as lifetime leads.
  1. Talisman DOES NOT GUARANTEE and do not intend to guarantee any business to it’s vendor it is merely a medium which connects general public with the vendors of goods and services listed
    with Talisman.
  1. The advertiser has given his consent to contact him or any business promotion of Talisman during the tenure of this agreement or even after the expiry of its tenure whether the advertiser has
    register or not register their entity/firm’s contact numbers in the “DO NOT CALL” registry of telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI).
  1. There is no refund of the payment’s one’s the ad’s is displayed on the web site or published in magazine.